...Great Battles of History

Game and conflict simulation


Great Battles of History (GBoH) are a series of tactical war games that focus mostly on the Ancient era. GBoH games are tense  and exciting. At the same time, they are a simulation of ancient conflict, with a complexity level that goes from moderate to high. In his book published in 2007, 'Lost Battles'Philip Sabin described the GBoH series as the best existing simulations of ancient battle.

GBoH board games use counters to represent units of several hundred men of different fighting qualities, abilities and types. Hexes regulate movement, missile ranges and zones of control. Leaders activate and issue orders to combat units to move, fire and engage in combat. Each game turn represents about 20 minutes of real time.


People behind Great Battles of History...

The Great Battles of History series and their battle scenarios are the fruition of much detailed research and development, which has often gone further than many serious historical books. The GBoH series are the work of leading games designers Mark Herman and Richard Berg. GBoH games are published by GMT Games.

Richard Berg recently said:   "Game design - much like writing a book - is a team effort these days. The GBoH system has been very lucky to have one of the greats in that job: Alan Ray. Along with the GMT Crack Graphics Staff. As I said, Team Effort."


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